Bennet was the guide for Wently Kelso's historical expedition to the sites beneath Waterdeep circa 1358 DR.[1]


Bennet was described to be a mangy humanoid of indeterminate species. Wently Kelso couldn't pronounce his real name, so named him after his (also mangy) half-brother.[1]


Some time around 1358 DR, the guide led Kelso's group through the sewers and beyond. He was described as being stupid, often trying to bash in doors with his head, or triggering traps. Bennet did, however, have good knowledge of the sewers, and knew of some secret passageways.[1]

During their expedition, the party became separated from Bennet. Kelso predicted that he had made it back to the surface, and was dining at the Yawning Portal. However, the group came across him later, chained to the wall next to a dwarf prince called Keirgar. Bennet was rescued, and the group made it down to Xanathar's inner sanctum.[1]



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