Bensozia, the Queen of Hell, was an archdevil and consort of Asmodeus.[1]


Bensozia was a tall, humanoid she-devil with long white hair and large, glistening black eyes. She had scarlet skin, brown hooves in place of feet, and a forked tail. She typically wore loose black robes lined with scarlet silk and a ruby-crusted gold diadem.[1]


Bensozia was utterly loyal to her lord Asmodeus, and seemed happy in her position. Her natural demeanor was haughty and coldly polite.[1]


As the Queen of the Nine Hells, Bensozia was the most powerful of the various archdevil consorts. She could naturally cast pyrotechnics, produce flame, animate dead, fireball, lightning bolt, dispel magic, charm person, charm monster, suggestion, ESP, detect invisibility, detect magic, identify, sending (but only to Asmodeus), and teleport. Twice per day she could use finger of death.[1]


Bensozia was the consort of Asmodeus and the mother of Glasya. However, at some point in the history of the Nine Hells, the archfiend Levistus approached her. In some accounts he attempted to ravish her, while in others he tried to turn her against Asmodeus and was rebuffed. All accounts, however, agree that Levistus killed her and that that event was the cause of the archdevil's imprisonment.[2]



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