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Bent priests referred to those Azuposi with weak souls who dealt with malicious spirits and had their soul "bent" to the spirit's will.[1]


Whether they were wicked priests who willingly sought to deal with evil spirits, or just weak souls who unwillingly corrupted themselves, all bent priests were cast out of their villages to fend for themselves and disowned by their families. Sometimes their families left with them, but a bent priest was never welcomed back to a village.[1]


Bent priests sometimes organized small groups of other miscreants within the wilderness of the Pasocada Basin. They developed strange behavioral rituals the longer they spent outside of their communities. They viewed themselves as strong because of their connection to dark spirits, though communal Azuposi regarded them as weak and corrupted.[1]


Bent priests enjoyed casting the "reverse" form of many spells. They excelled in the use of talismanic magic. They were completely immune to the venom from all desert creatures. They could cause fear in others twice per day.[1]

Eventually a bent priest could survive indefinitely without the need for food or even water.[1]

They could not turn undead.[1]


Contrary to most priests, bent priests used weapons such as short bows and daggers that readily pierced flesh. This was a direct reflection of their pierced mind.[1]