Beohram was a human fighter[note 1] and member of Waterdeep's City Watch circa 1358 DR.[1]


Beohram was a highly skilled fighter, making it down all the way from Waterdeep to the lower reaches of the drow (just before Xanathar's outer sanctum) alone. He also carried around an ancient magical longsword, further adding to his prestige.[1]


The fighter donned full plate and a helmet, the typical attire for a member of the City Watch. Beohram fought with a strongly enchanted longsword, known as Severious, and shield. He also kept a dagger on his person.[1]


Beohram was a member of Waterdeep's City Watch. When the rumors of Xanathar first circulated, he heroically ventured under Waterdeep on his own. After he had got so far, he realized that the rumors were actually true. Although he descended to the outer sanctum of Xanathar, he was eventually slain. Despite this, a group of adventurers may have resurrected him, and if so, he pleaded to join with them.[1]



  1. Beohram carried around a paladin's holy symbol, hinting that he was actually a paladin, not a fighter.


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