Beornegar was a well-respected member of the Tribe of the Elk of Icewind Dale, but was killed in a battle with another Reghedman barbarian tribe.[1]


Beornegar was the son of Beorne.[2]

Beornegar was the father of Wulfgar, who, after the Reghedmen attempted to destroy Ten-Towns, was placed under indentured servitude by Bruenor. Despite promising to kill the dwarf, Wulfgar began to see Bruenor as a father figure, not to replace Beornegar, but in addition to him.[3] Beornegar's tales of Icingdeath and his discovery of an entrance into the dragon's lair led Wulfgar to defeat the dragon as a coming-of-age rite.[2]

After Delly Curtie died, it was Wulfar's memories of Beornegar that prompted him to return to Icewind Dale. Most of his friends realized his plans before Wulfgar told of them since he had started referring to himself as "son of Beornegar", a title he had not used for quite some time.[citation needed]

Beornegar and Revjak were close friends during their lives.[4]



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