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Berserkers were those fighters and barbarians who could tap into a particularly savage aspect of themselves in order to skip into a furious rage while in combat.[3]


Tribal berserkers were believed to have been granted supernatural forces that allowed them to better defend their people. These individuals lived in close-knit groups, often found in less-civilized locales.[5] They looked out for their own kind within these communities.[6]


Berserkers focused their efforts on honing their skill with melee weapons and forewent training with those wielded at long range. Similarly, they eschewed most types of armor more cumbersome than splint mail.[6]

These warriors were so named for their ability to "go berserk" and enter into a trance-like rage in battle. Once in this state a berserk fought with exceptional strength and ferocity. They could not be knocked out, were immune to a wide-range of mind-controlling spells and effects, and gained resistance to others that attempted to hinder their movement or actions.[6][7] This fighting style was just as unpredictable as it was effective in battle.[5]

A berserker's rage lasted until every enemy on the battlefield was downed. On occasion they could not differentiate friend from foe and would attack those who were in fact their allies. Afterwards, a berserker became physically exhausted and vulnerable to certain effects they shrugged off during their rage.[7]

Notable Berserkers[]

The Rashemaar berserkers comprised several tribes of fearsome warriors from the far-eastern realm of Rashemen.[4][8]




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  1. For the purposes of game mechanics, nonplayer-character berserkers were treated similarly to creatures in the 5th edition Monster Manual.