Best of The Dragon #1 was published by TSR, Inc. in 1980. It has content from Strategic Review and The Dragon Vol. I & II. This issue was re-published in 1985 as a "Revised Edition" with all the same articles but with the outdated advertising replaced by artwork. Both issues contained the following articles related to the Forgotten Realms:


By Gary Gygax. p. 2

The concepts of spatial, temporal, and physical relationships in D&D. (From Issue #8)

The Play's the ThingEdit

By Thomas Filmore. p. 10

The dreamer's art is the essence and lure of D&D. (From Issue #11)

The Development of Towns in D&DEdit

By Tony Watson. p. 12

Laying out a town can be time consuming, but the effort is certainly worth it. (From Issue #8)

Let There Be a Method to Your MadnessEdit

By Richard Gilbert. p. 14

If you are postulating a world with any sort of "realism", you must appreciate that a dungeon doesn't just come into being for the hell of it. (From Issue #10)

Designing for Unique Wilderness EncountersEdit

By Daniel Clifton. p. 16

A list of tables to quickly determine the terrain in which any encounter occurs according to the type of hex the party is traveling through. (From Issue #10)

How Heavy Is My Giant?Edit

By Uncredited. p. 19

A breakdown on the scientific methods used to determine the weight of a giant. (From Issue #13)

The Meaning of Law and Chaos in D&DEdit

By Gary Gygax. p. 23

Gary discusses the difference between alignments and how they act. (From The Strategic Review #6)

Gary Gygax on D&DEdit

By Gary Gygax. p. 26

Gary discusses the origins of the game. (From Issue #7)

The D&D Magic SystemEdit

By RGary Gygax. p. 27

If you are postulating a world with any sort of "realism", you must appreciate that a dungeon doesn't just come into being for the hell of it. (From The Strategic Review #7)

What To Do When the Dog Eats Your DiceEdit

By Timothy J. Kask. p. 35

What to do when calamity befalls you twenty minutes before the game club gets to your place. (From Issue #7)


By Peter Aronson. p. 43

Generally appearing as a new class for D&D. (From The Strategic Review #4)

Illusionists AdditionsEdit

By Peter Aronson. p. 45

Additional spells for illusionists. (From Issue #1)

Tombs & CryptsEdit

By James M. Ward. p. 46

A set of graphs to ease the tomb and crypt creation process. (From Issue #9)

Halflings, Dwarves, Clerics, and Thieves in Dungeon!Edit

By Gary Gygax. p. 47

New additions for a game of Dungeon! (From Issue #1)

Statistics Regarding Classes: BardsEdit

By Doug Schwegman p. 48

A bard is a jack-of-all-trades in D&D. (From The Strategic Review #6)

The Original Ranger ClassEdit

By Joe Fischer. p. 50

An exciting new D&D class. (From The Strategic Review #2)

Wizard Research RulesEdit

By Charles Preston Goforth, Jr.. p. 51

Supplemental rules for researching spells. (From Issue #5)

Witchcraft Supplement for D&DEdit

By uncredited p. 53

Adding witches to the D&D game. (From Issue #5)

Lycanthropy: The Progress of the DiseaseEdit

By Gregory Rihn p. 61

Several rules limiting the abilities of player-character-lycanthropes. (From Issue #14)

Random MonstersEdit

By Paul Crabaugh p. 66

How to throw a unique monster at your player-characters. (From Issue #10)

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