Betrayal at Baldur's Gate is a horror-themed board game set in the Forgotten Realms setting. Play occurs in the city of Baldur's Gate.

The shadow of Bhaal has come over Baldur's Gate, summoning monsters and other horrors from the darkness!

As you build and explore the iconic city’s dark alleys and deadly catacombs, you must work with your fellow adventurers to survive the terrors ahead. That is, until some horrific evil turns one—or possibly more—of you against each other. Was it a mind flayer's psionic blast or the whisperings of a deranged ghost that caused your allies to turn traitor? You'll have no choice but to keep your enemies close!

Based on the award-winning Betrayal at House on the Hill board game, Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate you'll return to Baldur's Gate again and again only to discover it's never the same game twice.

Can you and your party survive the madness or will you succumb to the mayhem and split (or slaughter!) the party?[1]


Players will be adventurers exploring the streets of Baldur's Gate, as tiles are laid to build up the area. As players explore, they will collect items, find omens, and run into events that help form their story. At a certain point, the "haunt" will trigger and gameplay changes. One of the player's party is outed as being a traitor who is out to do something evil, and it's up to the rest of the party to stop them.

When laying out tiles during exploration, the game is divided into two levels. There is the street level, made up of building and street tiles, and the catacombs made up of catacomb tiles.

Two booklets (one for the Traitor, one for the rest of the players) each contain the story, rules, and goals for fifty different scenarios. When the haunt is triggered the traitor player leaves the room and reads up on his or her new abilities and goals for the game while all the other players read about their goals and can strategize together. The two groups come back together and then work through the end game.



Aldan PyriteAvrixis MizzrymAzadeh RashkaGretchen TitchwillGrusk MugtugLia Faen TlabbarMiska SlversongRalvio EscanorTorskar StonecleaverVort Dormall


BansheeBeholderDeath slaadDragonDrowDwarfHalflingHalf-orcHumanIron golemMinotaurTrollUmber hulk

Sword CoastWestern Heartlands
Baldur's Gate


  • 1 rulebook
  • 2 haunt books (Traitor's Tome and Secrets of Survival)
  • 42 tiles, including:
    • 13 building tiles
    • 14 street tiles
    • 15 catacomb tiles
  • 1 Elfsong Tavern/Inner Chamber/Kitchen start tile
  • 1 Catacomb Landing/Kitchen Basement start tile
  • 6 prepainted plastic adventurer figures
  • 6 two-sided character cards
  • 30 plastic clips
  • 8 dice
  • 1 Turn/Damage track
  • 86 cards, including:
    • 45 event cards
    • 22 item cards
    • 13 omen cards
    • 6 player aid cards
  • 215 tokens, including:
    • 62 small teardrop monster tokens
    • 54 square adventurer power, event, haunt, item, and obstacle tokens
    • 36 circular adventurer tokens
    • 18 small teardrop NPC tokens
    • 18 triangluar quest tokens
    • 14 pentagonal item & item pile tokens
    • 13 large circular monster tokens



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