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Bhaal's Bloodletters were deadly ritual daggers of the Bhaalist faith.[1]


The Bloodletters possessed magically sharpened keen blades. Additionally, they were imbued with magics that poisoned their targets, draining their health and constitution with every successful cut.[1]


Before Bhaal's death during the Time of Troubles, these Bloodletters were commonly used by the Church of Bhaal to perform deadly sacrifices to the evil deity. The blades were enchanted with poison that weakened and restrained the sacrificial targets long enough for the priests to finish the ritual and extract victims' hearts.[1]

Two decades after Bhaal's death, one of these Bloodletters was among the possessions of Xatuum a high priest of Bhaal. Xatuum was sealed in the Stronghold of Liam's Hold basement after sacrificing all of his fellow Bhaalists in a failed attempt to reach their deity during the Time of Troubles. The temple remained sealed until it was gifted to the Hero of Daggerford in 1372 DR. Xatuum wanted to use the poisoned dagger to cut out the heart of Maerovyna of the Harvest House in Daggerford. The undead priest was ready to give the dagger to any Bhaalist who was willing to aid him in his revenge.[1]



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