Bhaluin, or the Drowned City, was a ruin located in the middle of Gbor Nor in Semphar.[1]


The ruins of Bhaluin sat upon an island within Gbor Nor located 10 miles (16 km) from the coast. Many of the ancient buildings were found under the waterline, giving the city its nickname.[1]


The ruins of Bhaluin were well-preserved for the most part. Much of the streets were cluttered with rubble from collapsed walls. Seven large minarets were found at the center of the city, accompanied by a strange wailing sound that some believed was just the wind.[1]


Bhaluin was rumored to have been built 4,000 years ago during the height of the Raurin Empire.[1]


A secret cult of the dead lay hidden somewhere deep within Bhaluin. Both living and undead members comprised their ransk.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

Bodies from adventurers who explored the city were often found floating in leather boats. A few survivors reported doing battle with strange creatures wearing tattered red robes.[1]



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