The Bhuklyns were a collective of wealthy merchants, living within the city of Ravens Bluff during the 14th century DR. They made their living as iron-workers, making such everyday items as pots, cooking pans, hooks, chests and safe-boxes, including their specialty rodent-proof "Bhuklyn's boxes", all stamped with the symbol of their house. The endogenous presence of their items within homes throughout the Bluff led to the saying "Bhuklyn's is everywhere".[1]

The Bhuklyns had phenomenal sales throughout the entirety of the Vast, and rewarded their purveyors with a larger-than-usual amount of the sales profits. While the Bhuklyns saw this as fair, it inspired significant loyalty within their vendors.[1]


The origins of House Bhulkyn came from a group of merchants called the Raven Moon. One of their shareholders, Aldimo Bhuklyn, bought out his associates and made the organization his own. He restructured the business from several brick-and-mortar shops to a great number of small street vendors, and began to promote Bhuklyn wares across Cormyr, Sembia and even as far south-west as Amn.[1]



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