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A bhut was a poisonous undead spirit, created when a humanoid died violently in a remote location.[1] It took possession of and reanimated any humanoid corpse in a manner reminiscent of a zombie, but it could also exist in a more vulnerable state independent of the corpse host.[1] Bhuts hated the living and sought to kill any travelers they could find.[1]


When not in possession of a corpse, a bhut took the hideous ghostly form of a rotted, mutilated, emaciated, and malformed humanoid with red eyes, knife-like teeth, and an incorporeal body that dissolved into black smoke and dank red mist.[1] The bite of the bhut was poisonous, and anyone killed by its poison became a bhut themselves after death, rising at the next sunset.[1]

In its corpse form, the bhut differed from a zombie in that it retained its bhut intellect.[1]


A bhut was a kind of ghost created when a humanoid died a violent and sudden death in a remote location.[1] The bhut retained at least some of the knowledge of its former life, including fluency in all the languages it had known, but it nursed a deep hatred for the living.[1] Bhuts stalked travelers and pilgrims in remote regions, often fooling them by animating corpses to convincingly behave like living humanoids.[1] They could be found alone, in coveys of up to five, or in colonies of up to twenty four.[1]


Though very capable in combat, bhuts preferred to eschew an open fight for tricks and surprises and intentionally avoided combat in their incorporeal forms.[1]

Bhuts had a pathological aversion to earth and stone, which caused them great harm. Weapons made from these materials were effective against them.[1]


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