Biaste Ganderlay was the mother-in-law of Lord Feringal Auck in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Biaste was a caring mother, but eventually became very ill with a condition known as the the wilting. Such an affliction could only be cured by powerful clerics, and not by changes in mood. Her daughter, Meralda Ganderlay, used this as inspiration to marry the lord of Auckney, Feringal.[1]

Around the time of her daughter's marriage in the late 1360s DR, the lord kindly hired clerics of Helm: High Watcher Kalorc Risten and his assistant, Watcher Beribold. Beribold was able to cure Biaste's difficult condition. Biaste was excited for the prospect of her daughter being the most beautiful wife in the village of Auckney, which eventually became a reality.[1]





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