Bimasara was the Padhrasattva of Barter within the Padhran religion.[1][2]


In statuary, Bimasara was depicted as a man with a pleasant smile, with one hand holding a sheath of barley and the other held up with palm up to receive payment.[3]


Before the city was destroyed, Kushk in Ra-Khati held a large collection of Bimasara's followers. They dwelled in the trade city's third district, where they acted as go-betweens and agents so Ra-Khatian and foreign merchants never met, and thus were viewed as "unclean". However, they skimmed a very small percentage of every sale, and so in time grew wealthy. With this money, they built their temple, called the Holy Mountain of Kus.[1][2]


Followers of Bimasara undertook a series of tests within the bowels of Mount Kus. Only the wisest of them were able to make it to the Tower of Harmony that sat atop the mountain.[1][2]

Notable FollowersEdit

Ambuchar Devayam was once one of the most effective monks of Bimasara.[4]