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Bishimzon was the human wizard in charge of the Cult of the Dragon's operation set from the ruined Darnarest's tower, somewhere in the Interior Faerûn. His main activities circa 1369 DR were capturing unwitting villagers and adventurers to be used as the Cult's slaved in the city of Myth Drannor.[2]


He was 5 feet and 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall. [1]


As a low-level commander of the Cult of the Dragon's hideout, Bishimzon was trained in spellcraft, combat casting, and was proficient with the exotic weapon called the claw bracer.[1]

As a wizard, Bishimzon has access to a limited selection of spells, such as detect magic, flare, light, mage hand, color spray, glitterdust, and a few more. His favorite spell was charm person that he always started his fights with. Bishimzon kept himself under the safety of shield, and 'protection from arrows spells at all times.[1]


Most commonly, Bishimzon could be found wearing his studded leather armor and a common weapon among the Cultist - the claw bracer. He was also armed with a light crossbow, a wand of magic missiles with fifteen charges, and his trusty spellbook.[1]


Bishimzon led the small group of Cult of the Dragon that was capturing slaves to be transported via the gate in Darnarest's tower's sub-basement to the ruins of Myth Drannor. His group consisted of approximately ten cultists, including Handragath who lured the victims to the Cult's hideout under false pretenses.[2]

As a wizard, Bishimzon had a familiar, a viper named Shurrs.[2]


In 1369 DR, Bishimzon's Cultists routinely abducted villagers and adventurers enslaving them. Some of their victims were Fitsyll, Jorsh, Ristim, and Wenta, all local villagers.[2][3] The Cultists held the prisoner in the second basement level of Darnarest's tower, manacled to the wall until it was time to push them through the gate.[3]

After about two tendays of operations, Bishimzon's group encountered a group of adventurers searching for the missing folk. The group destroyed the Cult's hideout and followed the survivors through the gate to Myth Drannor.[4]



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