Bist was an exiled archdevil living in Avernus in the Nine Hells.[1][2]


Bist was invisible in the presence of light, except for her orange-flame-like eyes. In darkness, she appeared as a luminescent, 9‑foot-long (2.7‑meter) hellcat.[1]


Bist was highly deceptive and utterly selfish.[1]


Bist, like all archdevils, had a number of natural magical powers she could use at will. Additionally, she was immune to all mind-effecting spells (including charms, hold monster, and sleep). She could only be injured by powerfully enchanted weapons. Bist also possessed the normal abilities of a hellcat.[1]


Bist was confined and forced to wander the plane of Avernus.[1]


Bist was exiled for her duplicitous and self-centered nature. Additionally, her name was changed to prevent her from leaving Baator by way of summoning spells.[1]



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