Bjami Tengervaald was an old shaman in Icewind Dale in 1485 DR.[1]


Bjami was born into the Tribe of the Bear. He was always the true leader of the tribe, governing from behind Hing Gunvald Barrundson. He ably manipulated virtually all influential men of the tribe to do his will but made it appear that his most popular ideas were Gunvald's own.

All this changed in 1485 DR when Hedrun Arnsfirth become the Chosen of Auril. Bjami, who had always been the Frostmaiden's follower, become ecstatic, seeing this as a sign of the coming of a new great age for all Reghedmen, under his and Hedrun's leadership. Thanks to some black ice, Bjami convinced Gunvald to ally with Hedrun in order to gain part of the spoils of war. He also moved the tribe's camp to near Hedrun's hideout in the Reghed Glacier. On Eleint 24, Bjami led an attack of Hedrun's army against Elk warriors, killing or capturing many of them.[1]