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Black Ash Plain was located west of Unther in East Faerûn.[1]


In 1373 DR, many refugees from the Untheric - Mulhorandi conflict ran through the plain. The ones that got out alive saw several ruined structures jutting up from the blackened earth. Survivors stated these ruins existed below the surface of the ground, but no one explored or proved that these subterranean levels even existed.[2] When the Spellplague struck in 1385 DR, this wasteland, south of Tymanther, was devastated when part of Tymanchebar fell into Faerûn.[3]


Only sparse grass and twisted shrubs grow on the plain and strange rock formations shift and move around the landscape on their own.[4] Many mysteries surrounded this dark land, which was blackened and infertile, so much even the Mulhorandi army avoided it.[1]


Named for the volcanic black ash always falling from the Smoking Mountains to the north, the plains were home to brown dragons and an endemic subrace of stone giants known as ash giants.[2][5]