The Black Buckler was a loose-knit group of mercenaries that was based in Everlund, circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1]


This group was a confederation of warriors and rogues with a reputation for strong loyalty to the patron that hired them.[1]


The most common type of job the Bucklers took on was guarding caravans, warehouses, people, or whatever folks wanted protected. They looked out for each other, so if one member got hired, he or she would recommend others in the organization for employment.[1]


This group did not wait for patrons to come looking for them. They closely watched visitors, travelers, and the locals, and when they saw a need, they offered their services. One of their favorite places to pick up leads on possibly lucrative jobs was the Missing Minotaur tavern in west Everlund. They had at least one spy listening to the tavern talk (and possibly on the other side of the walls of the private rooms), fishing for opportunities.[1]



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