The Black Raven tribe was a particularly conservative band of the Uthgardt barbarians who resided at Raven Rock.[2] Their territory included foothills west of Mirabar, the Ice Lakes and an area west of the Frozenfar.[1]

They were considered among the most traditional and hostile of the Uthgardt tribes and held on to their heritage of pillaging and violence.[5][2]


Black Raven barbarians rode giant ravens into battle,[1] using them to carry out aerial raids.[5] They regularly assaulted travelers, such as merchants and clerics, who were passing through the Northern Means and the Blackford Road.[5][3]

They used corpses of those they slew, as well as the goods they pilfered, as offerings to their ancestors.[2][6]

Base of OperationsEdit

Black Ravens' ancestral mound was Raven Rock,[7] a holy site they shared with the Gray Wolf tribe.[1] During the 14th century DR they maintained a small camp on the southernmost peak of the Frost Hills.[4]

Notable MembersEdit


During Lord Nasher's younger days, before he assumed the throne of Neverwinter in 1329 DR, his adventuring group, including Dumal Erard, Ophala Cheldarstron, and Kurth, rescued the Black Raven Tribe from an evil White dragon.[8]



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