In the Heralds of Faerûn, the office of Black Vizor was one of the High Heralds. This office was charged with keeping a finger on the pulse of society, particularly political society in various states of conflict. The job required crisscrossing Faerûn to visit courts of nobles and governing bodies as well as regularly communicating with local Heralds and agents, keeping track of attitudes, mores, court dynamics, and intrigues, to declarations of war, peace treaties, trade agreements, and the balance of power. This herculean task was greatly assisted by magical portals and various magical means of communicating. In addition to collecting this information for the Heralds, Black Vizor kept the Lords' Alliance and the Merchant's League informed of the status of conflicts around Faerûn. The residence of this office was a fortification known as Black Helm Tower on the outskirts of Daggerford.[1]


With the office came a giant-sized black war-helm which looked very threatening but was extremely heavy and unwieldy. Peering through the eyeslits gave Black Vizor true sight, allowing him or her to pierce illusions and avoid deception. This Herald office was originally named "Black Helm" after this artifact and then later was renamed "Black Vizier" to better describe the function of the office. The name "Black Vizor" was a rather low-brow compromise between the two. The rod of office was a huge mace over 4 ft (120 cm) long, with no special enchantments.[1]

Office HoldersEdit


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