A black abishai was a type of devil, and among the most dexterous of abishai.[1][2][3]


Black abishai had two large horns on the sides of their heads, which curved inwards. From their heads protruded two large spikes, and they had jet black skin, giving these creatures very evil appearances. These abishai were very dexterous, perceptive, and stealthy, making them fantastic assassins.[4] They were the tallest of abishai, standing at 8 ft (2.4 m).[1][2][3]


Such creatures were very sneaky, and often masked their presence by creeping in the shadows.[4]


Black abishai, being assassins, would engage in combat from stealth. Here, they would deliver fatal attacks with their scimitars.[4] They employed triple-attacks: a double-attack with their scimitars, followed by a deadly bite.[4]

Using dark or dimly lit places to their advantage, black abishai were proficient at hiding. If in a location where their environs were not to their advantage, they could cast darkness, and then quickly fade into the shadows.[4] Striking with their tails would cause corrosive acid to burn foes.[5]

Black abishai had a large array of resistances. They resisted all types of physical damage unless the weapons used against them were magical or silvered. They were fully immune to fire, acid, and poisons, and resistant to cold-based attacks.[4] However, like other abishai, they took damage from holy water.[5]

They could summon other black abishai, as well as white abishai and lemures.[6]


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