Black talon was a divine magic spell available to priests of Cyric, the Prince of Madness. It turned the caster's arm into a claw-tipped, stretchable appendage for a short time.[2]


This spell lasted for at least three minutes, with more experienced casters able to add more minutes to the duration. When cast, one of the caster's arms became stretchable out to a distance of 10 ft (3 m) and the hand became a talon with sharp nails. The caster could extend or retract this appendage at will to attack a foe. The talon could do a small amount of both physical damage and magical cold damage on a successful attack. A victim had a chance to resist the cold portion and took only half the damage if successful. Undead creatures were immune to the chilling damage.[2]

While this spell was in effect, the caster was unable to cast any spell that required a somatic component.[2]


This spell required only verbal and somatic components to cast.[2]



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