Blackhold was a trademoot located in a cavern of the nation of Fimbrul, on Laerakond. It was inhabited only by humanoids.[1]


The population of Blackhold was not fixed, waning and waxing with the passage of travelers and adventurers exploring the Howling Mountains. Blackhold was rarely attacked by dragons, giants or other monsters, and thus was considered neutral territory.[2]


Adventurers and travelers used Blackhold to get supplies, to rest during their travels, or to recruit new companions. The few permanent residents traded with them and with the dwarves of the nearby settlement of Forgefires.[2]


Blackhold was made originally by dwarves, inside of a cavern near the surface of the Howling Mountains. Its dwellings were chains of narrow-linked side chambers cut into the walls of the cavern. The main area was dominated by beast pens, rocks that served as a podium, and by a pool referred to as the Drinkwater Pool.[2]

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