Blackiron Blades was a small smithy and weapons shop in Bryn Shander in Icewind Dale. Located a short distance north of the town square, it was known as a one-stop shop for travelers and adventurers.[1]


The owner, Garn, made and sold the cheapest blades in the Ten-Towns, rather then trying to make better weapons to compete against the dwarves of Kelvin's Cairn. Garn's weapons were worth half the typical price. To keep the shop profitable, the manager of the store, Garn's sister Elza, marked up all other goods by 50%. She also expanded the shop's product line to include various adventuring supplies, such as fur cloaks and snowshoes.[1]

Many of veteran sellswords in Bryn Shander had disdain for Garn's lack of skill as a craftsman and joked about the quality of his blades, telling tales of unfortunate travelers usually with the words "' 'e was carryin' a Blackiron blade, to boot!"[1]





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