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Blacklight was an evocation or alteration spell that created an area of magical darkness that only the caster could see through.[1][3] This spell was also available as divine magic provided to priests of Ibrandul.[4]


Blacklight was very similar to darkness with the exception that the caster could act and see normally while within the area of effect. Normal light sources were extinguished by blacklight, as well as lower-level light spells. Those outside the sphere of darkness, including the caster, could not see into the affected area.[1][3] The older version of this spell created a stationary area[3] while the newer version could be cast on a movable object if desired.[1]

For the older version of blacklight, every minute spent inside the blacklit area allowed a creature a chance to overcome the blindness, but it was difficult, and even if they succeeded their sight returned for only one minute. Also, light, continual light, or dispel magic would dissipate the older blacklight.[3]

For the newer version, blacklight countered daylight and any lower-level light spells. Blacklight was countered by daylight and any higher-level light spells.[1]


Verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell. The material components were a small chunk of coal and a dried eyeball from any creature.[1][3]


This spell was in general use around Faerûn, once it was published in Volo's Guide to All Things Magical.[5]


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