Blackrazor was a sword with powerful enchantments but an evil nature.[1]


Blackrazor was a +3 longsword. When wielded, it bestowed regeneration and immunity to charm and fear magic. It had a chance with each hit to drain the target's life force and convert it into healing energy and a temporary boost of speed and strength for the wielder.[1]

Ye who hold the razor's blade
Forged of darkest iron
Quenched by blood and fear,
Know that ye hold the key
To the one who guards
Bhaal's sacred murdered tear.
— The genie's riddle[1]


It was offered to Gorion's Ward in the "Test of Greed" in the Pocket Plane. They could either choose to use it to kill an enslaved genie guarding one of the Tears of Bhaal and keep it, benefiting from its power, or choose to relinquish it, avoiding a fight and passing the test in a good way.[1]



The sword Blackrazor appeared in the computer game Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. It is most likely based on the sword of the same name from the 1979 adventure module White Plume Mountain. This sword was an intelligent and evil blade that encouraged its wielder to kill indiscriminately, eagerly devouring the souls of those it slew.[2][3] However, despite some similarities, there are several differences, and it is not clear the extent to which they are meant to be the same sword. Furthermore, White Plume Mountain is set in the Greyhawk setting, not the Forgotten Realms.

The original Blackrazor is in turn closely based on the sword Stormbringer from the Elric stories by Michael Moorcock.



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