The Barony of Blacksaddle was a small kingdom in the southern Border Kingdoms in the mid–14th century DR. It was located right on the northern edge of the Shaar.[1]


Blacksaddle was a kingdom filled with small hills and roughly triangular in shape, with the towns of Bloutar, Syrnt and Telcharn marking each corner of the triangular border. the southern border was marked by the Shaarwall, a strip of hills separating the Border Kingdoms and the Shaar. Blacksaddle Keep was located in central Blacksaddle.[1]


The barony was ruled by the Blacksaddle family. The baron ruled with the assitance of three Lords. The Lord Marshal was in charge of the defenses of the kingdom, the Lord Wizard handled magical affairs, and the Lord Watchful acted as magister and ombudsman.[1]


The main sources of revenue for the Barony was farming, stonecutting and crafted items. The barony was covered in small farms, providing enough agricultural product for domestic use as well as a trade good to be exported. Blue and red marble was quarried in the Shaarwall. Gems were often found in these quarries and were used by artisans to craft or decorate a range of items.[1]


Raids and skirmishes are commonplace due to the location and prosperity of the barony along the northern edge of the Shaar. Stone watchtowers were constructed across the barony and the citizens are always armed while travelling. The Swords, heavily armed cavalry numbering just under 400 members, was the army of the kingdom.[1]

And now the swordsmen raise their steel
And now they bring their blades down
Brigands scream and chargers reel
As a nomad crown comes crashing down
— The Ballad of Blacksaddle by Laetha the Wanderer

The barony has gained a far-reaching reputation for both their military skill and constant skirmishes. As a result, adventurers from as far away as the Vilhon Reach and Waterdeep travel to the barony to improve their skills in battle.[1]


Uorn Blacksaddle founded the barony after defeating the warriors of two villages. He then forcefully re-settled the residents across the new kingdom.[1]


In the mid–14th century DR, the key inhabitants of the barony were:[1]


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