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Blackspawn corruptors were stunted, manipulative dragonspawn.[1]


Blackspawn corruptors were heavily muscled, but only stood about 3 feet (0.91 meters) tall. They were covered in black scales, had lank black hair, and a face that was a hideous mixture of a crone's face and a black dragon's.[1]


Blackspawn corruptors were nasty, crafty creatures that preferred to work either alone or with creatures they could bully into submission.[1]


Blackspawn corruptors, like the black dragons they were descended from, would naturally putrefy their territory. In particular, all non-magical liquids within 30 feet (9.1 meters) of them would become toxic. The pool that a corruptor dwelled in would become poisonous to the point of acidity. Corruptors themselves were immune to both poison and acid, as well as disease, and could not be blinded.[1]

Three times a day, a blackspawn corruptor could implant a suggestion into a creature's mind so long as the creature was within 30 feet (9.1 meters) of it. If the suggestion was successful, then it caused the victim to jump into the corruptor's pool.[1]

Blackspawn corruptors, like some other dragonspawn, possessed what was called a blessing from Tiamat. This "blessing" was the ability to grant any dragonspawn within 60 feet (18 meters) of them immunity to both poison and acid. A corruptor could revoke this immunity at any time.[1]


Blackspawn corruptors typically fought by ambushing enemies from the water and then submerging again, sometimes biting and sometimes splashing the toxic water in its pool (which could blind a person if it got in their eyes), in attempts to wear down opponents' defenses.[1]


Blackspawn corruptors were descended from a combination of black dragons and green hags. Among the most reclusive of the dragonspawn, they lived in deep pools of water located in swamps. They were territorial, and their lairs often contained hazards both natural and unnatural. In Faerûn, corruptors had been recorded in the Lizard Swamp, the Farsea Marshes, the Vast Swamp, the Evermoors, and the Great Swamp of Rethild. They often came into conflict with other inhabitants of the area because of their putrefying aura.[1]

Corruptors would sometimes work with other dragonspawn, or similar creatures they could bully into submission. They typically spoke the Common, Draconic, and Giant languages.[1]



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