Blackspawn stalkers, also called blackspawn gloomwebs, were terrifying but nearly mindless dragonspawn.[2]


Blackspawn stalkers were large dragonspawn with four small legs and two tails. They also had six eyes and four horns on their heads. Unlike dragons, they lacked wings. Blackspawn stalkers stood 6–8 feet (1.8–2.4 meters) tall, with a 7–10 foot (2.1–3.0 meters) leg span, and weighed about 5,000 lb (2,300 kg). The females were slightly larger than the males.[2]


Blackspawn stalkers were immune to acid and were also capable of spitting acid. Additionally, other dragonspawn within 5 feet (1.5 meters) of the stalker gained immunity to acid as well. Blackspawn stalkers could make spider-like webbing. They were excellent climbers.[2]

Blackspawn stalkers were not fighters so much as hunters. They preferred to set up webs as traps and then wait patiently for prey to blunder in.[2]


Blackspawn stalkers were created by the goddess Tiamat to instill fear and panic in her enemies. They viewed her as their ultimate master, and believed that through breeding, they would create the perfect servant: one that she would find worthy enough to take as her own. If left to their own devices, blackspawn stalkers bred as much as possible.[2]

Blackspawn stalkers were capable of breeding and procreating more of their kind. They mated for life, and each mated pair laid several eggs annually. The pair then distributed the eggs in several nests to increase the chances of some surviving. Since many other creatures ate the eggs, only a few would hatch. In the rare event that all survived, the hatchling stalkers would go on a massed rampage, killing everything they encountered.[2]

Blackspawn stalkers were voracious carnivores who used both their acid and formidable fangs to consume prey. Although normally solitary, stalkers were willing to serve true dragons or stronger dragonspawn. Blackspawn stalkers viewed others of their own kind as competition, either for food or mates.[2]




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