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Blackstaff by Steven E. Schend is the first book of The Wizards series of standalone novels and Schend's first novel.

Archmage of Waterdeep

Chosen of Mystra

Master of Blackstaff Tower

Khelben "The Blackstaff" Arunsun has lived for centuries and kept more secrets than anyone can imagine. He is more than a wizard, more than the protector of the City of Splendors, and more than human.

When his consciousness is intermingled with that of his young apprentice, they will learn more from each other than either expected, and go together to a fate neither could possibly see coming.

Steven E. Schend breathes new life into one of Faerûn's most vital mages, and reveals secrets and lies from a thousand years of Realmslore.


Feast of the Moon, the Year of True Names[]

On the Feast of the Moon in Year of True Names, 464 DR, in the Sword of Anauroch, a young human mage with no name fights alongside his estranged father, the half-elf Arun Maerdrym of Myth Drannor, to rescue the man's new elven family from attacking phaerimm. Both mages eventually run low on spells and are severely wounded. Fleeing from the phaerimm in a sphere of protection, they encounter the vampire Palron Kaeth, an enemy of the Harpers in Twilight and the murderer of Arun's first wife, Arielimnda, the nameless mage's mother. The vampire seeks to destroy the Sharnwall and release the phaerimm, and he believes that the blood of the two mages will allow him to do it. The two men agree to sacrifice their lives to stop Kaeth, shattering the Duskstaff of Sarael to cause a massive explosion, powerful enough to turn the surrounding sands into glass.[3]

Mystra herself, the goddess of the Weave, appears to Arun's son between life to death and tells him that he is her Chosen and will be given thirteen omens, nine soulnames, seven secrets, and three truths.[4]

28 Uktar, the Year of Lightning Storms[]

Tsarra Chaadren, one of the teachers of Blackstaff Tower, returns to Waterdeep from an overnight hunting trip in the Pellamcopse Woods with six apprentices and her friend Danthra.[5]

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