Blackstaff was a spell applied to a staff or quarterstaff that enhanced its combat effectiveness, and gave it the ability to dispel magic or cause a spellcaster it struck to lose a prepared spell.[2]


When cast, this spell bestowed upon the target non-magical staff, polearm or club, a +4 enchantment.[1][2]

When the blackstaff struck a magical item or any person it dispelled magic and in the case of spellcasters, caused them to forget spells they had memorized.[2] In some instances the it even disrupted the minds of individuals with psionic talents and drained a small amount of life force from beings it struck.[3]

The effects of blackstaff could not be dispelled and the staff absorbed any spells cast directly at it.[3]

None of the effects of the blackstaff could harm the caster in any way.[1]


This spell was created by Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun and was part of the reason why his common appellation was Blackstaff, as he carried a staff of power that had this spell cast on it with permanency.[4]

The blackstaff spell was found in Laeral's Libram, a spellbook written by the wizard Laeral Silverhand. Laeral lost the spellbook sometime during her madness induced by the Crown of Horns, and it was not been seen since.[5] Khelben only shared this spell with those he trusted implicitly.[2]

However, by the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR, the spell blackstaff was known and in use across the Realms.[6]



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