The Blackstaff was the name for a series of powerful magical staves, created and used by Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun and/or his successor.[2][3]


Khelben's Blackstaff

It was believed that Khelben Arunsun, who carried the first Blackstaff title, selected a new Blackstaff every time he left Blackstaff Tower.[4] However, it always appeared as a long wooden staff. It was longer than an average human was tall, roughly seven feet from base to tip. A ring of bulbs circled the staff at about eye level, and the staff was topped by a curved claw shape. The entire staff was pure black in color.[2]

Samark's Staff

Samark Dhanzscul, the sixth Blackstaff, carried a staff known as the Duskstaff, which was a twisted metal staff with a crystal on top that flashed various colors.[5][6] It was unknown whether this was an iteration of a Blackstaff or a different staff. The Duskstaff could only be moved by the current Blackstaff or by someone wielding Ncral's Ring.[6]

Vajra's Blackstaff

Vajra Safahr, the seventh Blackstaff, carried a silver-shod Blackstaff.[7] The Blackstaff she carried when proclaiming her status as the new Blackstaff was the "true blackstaff", a large rune-inscribed duskwood staff with silver veins. The whole staff was blackened by use. Atop the staff was a large axe head in the shape of snarling wolf head, which had glowing green eyes.[8]

Known powersEdit

The Blackstaff had all the powers of a staff of power.[2]

The staff also had a permanent blackstaff (spell) upon it[2] that could…

A Blackstaff's Heir needed to touch the Blackstaff in order to be centered in his or her new powers.[7] Only a Blackstaff or the Blackstaff's Heir could safely carry and wield a Blackstaff. As long as a Blackstaff's Heir was touching the Blackstaff, the powers of the actual Blackstaff (person) could be channeled through the staff.[3]




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