The ritual of Blade-rite was an elven ritual that involved the drawing of a magical sword to determine the worthiness of its wielder for a given assignment or position among the hierarchy of the elves. It was most closely associated with the drawing of the famous Elfblades, used to determine the Coronal of Cormanthyr, and his two Defenders, the Arms-Major and the Spell-Major.

Nature of the RiteEdit

The potent and ancient Blade-rite was always attended and closely governed by two elven High Mages. During the ritual, the sword's magic was enhanced by High Magic, creating a powerful test for any potential ruler. The testing challenged the would-be wielder's practical skills, their reasoning, and their character, and these tests occurred completely within the imagination of the candidate, privy only to himself and the two High Mages. Should the elf pass all three tests, he or she rose to the rank befitting the blade. Should they fail, however, certain consequences would befall him or her as befitting the blade he or she had drawn.[1]


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