The Blade and Stars was an inn in Baldur's Gate on the Sword Coast of Faerûn.[3]



The Blade and Stars.

The long building was four stories high with an attached stable. The kitchens were on one side and the upper-room balconies were on the other. The rooms were tidy and clean. The front lobby hosted a small lounge where guests could meet citizens. Outside, the inn sign displayed a female hand clutching a lightly curved saber and several enchanted stars that twinkled softly. It was rumored the sign was plundered and purchased years ago from a raiding party in Amn.[1]


The inn was fairly quiet and sold drinks at moderate prices.[3] Meals were served in guests' rooms rather than a dining room and consisted of regular ale, bread, and fish. The bread could be ordered with cheese or melted eggs. On winter nights, the staff served ruby cordial, a sweet brew of cherries dissolved in sugared red wine.[1]


The innkeeper, Aundegul Shawn, hired several guards to turn away street rogues and thugs from entering the establishment. They were especially on the lookout for doppelgangers, which posed a growing problem in Baldur's Gate around 1367 DR.[1]

About a century later, the Blade and Stars was run by the half-orc Aurayaun. After her sudden disappearance, it was taken over by her wife Lupin.[2]


Local legend stated a female yuan-ti was trapped within the inn's walls, imprisoned while fighting a wizard. Rumors said she would finally be released upon his death.[1]


  • Rooms (included bath, stabling, one free drink, and meals) for 3 gp per night.
  • Cordial for 3 cp per goblet.
  • Ale for 3 cp per tankard.


As of the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, regular patrons included G'axir the Seer and Elkart.[4]

At some point during the 15th century DR, the magical sign of the Blade and Stars was stolen. One Baldurian begger claimed that the thief was Aurayaun, the former innkeeper who had just recently gone missing.[2]



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