Blade boots,[2] or bladeboots,[1] were nasty footwear with concealed, spring-loaded daggers in the soles,[1][2] worn by some rogues and adventurers.[1]


Blade boots were constructed from sturdy leather[1] and typically custom-designed to an already existing pair of boots.[2] The sole assembly was sturdy[2] and hid the steel blade, which was activated by a heel-kick mechanism.[1] Modified boots weighed about a pound (half a kilogram).[2]


Blade boots were most effective when used in a surprise attack, typically after the wearer was apprehended and stripped of weapons. Blade boots housed a dagger-sized blade within the sole of the boot. The blade was triggered by clicking the heels together, causing it to spring forward where it could be used with kicking attacks.[1]

As long as the blade was hidden, a wearer could move just as easily as in a normal pair of boots, but with a blade out, it made it difficult to run.[2]

A blade boot was also handy for escaping from ropes if bound.[2]


A single boot cost 15 gold pieces to modify.[2] Pairs of blade boots were available for purchase through Aurora's Emporium for that same price,[1] though they cost double that most places elsewhere.[2]


They were commonly employed as an escape device, since captured thieves were usually relieved of their weapons but not their footwear.[1]


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