The blade of the elements was a magical katana from Kara-Tur that appeared in Faerûn in the 14th century DR.[1][2]


Lord Sunang of Kara-Tur was forced to make alliances and purchase magical weapons like the blade of the elements when his lands were besieged by the forces of a mighty wu-jen. However, this strategy proved very costly: Sunang was near-bankrupted and his influence waned, while his enemy continued to grow in power. Ultimately, Sunang's realm collapsed from its own weaknesses, not to conquest. It was supposed that the profit-hungry merchants supplied arms to both sides, but proof was lost to history.[1][2]

The blade of the elements may have turned up in the Sword Coast North in 1372 DR.[1][2]


The katana was observed to have a guard, with either a tassel hanging from the guard or a brown cloth wrapped around the lower half of the blade.[1][2]


A blade of the elements was a +3 katana that could slay an elemental on impact.[1][2]



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