Bladebend was a magical effect used by Vhaeraun, the drow god of thievery.[1][2]


Bladebend caused one edged weapon within 70 ft. (21.34 m) to twist and strike the wielder with perfect accuracy and to maximum effect.[1]


Bladebend was an innate ability of Vhaeraun, but he could cast it a second time while holding Nightshadow, his longsword. Both the innate and external effect were usable once every six minutes.[1][2]


How Vhaeraun's original bladebend effect came to be was unknown, but the church of Vhaeraun made efforts to duplicate it in a form of a spell.[3] By the 14th century DR, two methods existed.

One was a spell, that caused weapons to fly around in an uncontrolled manner. It was viewed as an imperfect adaptation and was used as a last-ditch act of desperation.[3]

The second one was used by accomplished darkmasks as a magical effect instead of a spell. It shared the name with the original but was slightly different. First, it was a defensive ability instead of an offensive one. Second, it worked by choosing a target instead of a weapon and caused the target's strikes with edged weapons to twist to hit the enemy. Third, while this protection lasted for 30 seconds unlike the instantaneous original, it also didn't strike the target with the weapon's maximum effect.[4]