Bladelings were a race of humanoid outsiders[2] from the Barrens of Doom and Despair.[3] Their skin was covered with sharp, metallic spines, and they were known for their xenophobia.[2]


Bladelings were agile humanoid creatures covered in sharp, metallic spines that grew in patches on their tough, metal-hued skin. They were able to throw these spines, which acted like metal shrapnel to injure their foes. Bladelings had purple eyes that reflected like ice.[2]

Bladelings were immune to acid and the effects of rust, and they were resistant to cold and fire. Bludgeoning weapons were not very effective against them.[2]


Bladelings were famous for their superstitious fear of outsiders to their territory. They would not trust anyone they did not know.[2]

Bladelings were fearless in battle and quick to attack.[2]


Besides their ability to throw their spines, bladelings could strike with their sharp claws. They tended to carry longswords in combat. A common tactic was to focus their attacks on the strongest opponents first.[2]


While bladeling society was rife with internal conflicts, they would quickly join together to fight a common foe.[2]

Bladelings often trained as fighters, and their leaders were often also trained as clerics.[2]


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