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Blaermon the Blessed was a knight of Ilmater and a member of the Holy Warriors of Suffering in the mid–13th century DR.


Blaermon the Blessed was known for surviving a string of hopeless battles, for which he earned his name.

Circa 1267 DR, Althea the Abased—the leader of the House of the Broken God temple in Keltar and journeying up and down the Sword Coast—selected Blaermon for a holy task. She bade him to take away the Tome of Torment, the holiest book of the faith, to the "wild places" of the Realms and bestow it upon the first "needy and worthy" Ilmatari he met, someone who worked or fought for the benefit of the common people and their faith, not merely for wealth and adventure.

Blaermon obeyed and, in the Year of the Daystars, 1268 DR, he gave the Tome to Flaergon of Glister, who devoted his efforts to assisting miners and caravan-workers in the frozen north of the Moonsea.[1]