Blagothkus was the cloud giant ruler of Skyreach Castle.[1]


Blagothkus was a survivor of the giant empires of the past, and his main dream was to somehow go back to those glorious times. Using this motivation, the Cult of the Dragon convinced him that they were reestablishing a time when only giants and dragons would rule, though his commitment to that alliance was borne more out of a desire to spur giant-kind to action.[citation needed]


Blagothkus was a very old cloud giant lord in command of the floating Skyreach Castle. In the late 15th century DR, he allied with the Cult of the Dragon, dreaming to go back to the age when giants and dragons fought for the dominion of the world. The Cult used his castle as one of their main headquarters. When the Cult tried to bring Tiamat back to the Prime Material Plane and let chromatic dragons run rampant throughout the Sword Coast, Blagothkus and his allies collected there all the treasures destined for the hoard of the Dragon Queen.[1]

Prior to the shattering of the Ordning Blagothkus and his son Eigeron traveled to the Eye of the All-Father to consult the oracle there. Not liking what the oracle told Blagothkus, he slew his son and retreated to his castle to mourn. His son rose as a ghost wishing for vengeance on his father.[4]

Eventually, a band of adventurers boarded the castle and may have killed Blagothkus.[1]




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