Lord Blakrho Phull was a former scion of the noble House Phull of Waterdeep who turned on his family and pursued a life of banditry along the southern Sword Coast.


In spite of his age, Blakrho was described as youthful and handsome looking in 1479 DR. His youthfulness was attributed to either dark magic or vampirism although the former was considered more likely.[1]


Blakrho Pull was the second son of House Phull of Waterdeep. Around 1440 DR, Blakrho stabbed his older brother to death and blamed the crime on a younger brother, a charge that was initially believed by the city guard. However, Blakrho's father, Mhairdren Phull caught him beating his mother and Blakrho threw his father down a flight of stairs, severely injuring him.[1]

Blakrho fled Waterdeep with most of his family's money, his father's best horses and a carriage full of wine. He traveled to Amn where he began conning farmers and lordlings into giving him shelter. He would then kill his host and steal any valuables.[1]

He left Amn for Tethyr before the law could catch him and joined forces with other exiled Waterdavian lordlings to form a bandit gang known as the Dark House. For the next forty years he marauded up and down Southern Faerûn but was never caught.[1]

His objective was to regain his rightful lordship and to enjoy his luxurious retirement. He claimed that the only misdeeds that could be proven against his name were in the uncouth lands that were far from Waterdeep, and therefore they should not matter within the City of Splendors.[1]


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