Blaskaltar was a settlement in the Shaar. It had been ruined for long ages by the mid–14th century DR.

The place was home to the First Shrine of the Queen of Air, the first known shrine dedicated to Akadi, the Queen of Air, in Faerûn and the holiest site of her church. However, the structure had long since been erased by time, the elements, and neglect, leaving only a mound by 1370 DR.

Nevertheless, every Midsummer, the faithful of Akadi from all around Faerûn, after traveling for tendays, gathered here for their only calendar festival. Together, they chanted the names of heroes of the faith and added the names of those who'd died in the last year. In this way, they remembered the history of their church so they did not forget their past nor were doomed to repeat it.[1]


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