Blaskar Lauthlon was a male human wizard, and the Overwizard of the Host Tower of the Arcane and Master of the West Tower. He was responsible for the Arcane Brotherhood's operations in the western quadrant of Faerûn.[1][2]


Blaskar looked like a very ordinary, middle-aged man with a sturdy build and inexpensive clothes. But his looks were a tactic carefully crafted by Blaskar. He knew that looking ordinary gave him an advantage against an enemy that at first glance would not think him dangerous.[2]


Blaskar was a member of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors of Waterdeep but was fired from the organization when his fellows discovered that he stole rare magical components for himself.[1]

Soon he become a mercenary wizard, known among smugglers and thieves for his complete amorality, willing to do anything for the right price.[2]

One day he was employed by a group of smugglers to protect their ship from pirates. When Luskan's pirates attacked the smuggler's ship, Blaskar destroyed them all. Agents of the Brotherhood discovered that it was Blaskar who destroyed the pirates and approached him with an offer to join their ranks. Blaskar saw no reason to refuse, and accepted.[2]

Blaskar quickly become indispensable in the organization with his skill in the creation of magic artifacts. He quietly noticed that the Brotherhood's upper ranks destroyed themselves in civil war, leaving many positions empty, so it was no surprise when Arklem Greeth promoted him to the West Tower.[2]


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