Blast spikes were a type of dwarven mining tool.[1]


Blast spikes were three-sided, pointed wedges constructed of fine steel. They had wide, circular heads to ensure efficient hammering. They were roughly the length of an adult human's hand.[1]


Blast spikes could only be activated by being struck with another. To ensure their safety, users typically did this by either throwing their second blast spike or strapping it to a long pole and then ramming it into the first. Once struck by another, blast spikes would unleash a large, violent explosion.[1]


Blast spikes were designed primarily dangerous situations in which splitting or shattering a rock was required, such as removing blockages from underground rivers or waterfalls. However, they were just as easily hammered into trees, wooden structures, and even refined stone walls.[1]

In many deep dwarven caverns there were known to have been blast spikes placed, yet never activated, being used as a sort of climbing hold instead of an explosive. In terms of other alternative uses, some dwarves were known to utilize blast spikes as weapons.[1]



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