Bleak Sky at Morning, or Bleak Sky for short, was an ice hunter shaman who ruled over the village of Icewolf in the mid-1300s DR.[1][2]


Bleak Sky wore a large metal helmet, a huge furred coat and set of gloves. The shaman also carried a spear and a shield.[1]

The ancient shaman ruled over 200 people, and was said to have incredible patience and a sense of humor.[2]


Circa 1358 DR, the ruler himself guarded the entrance to the steepest climb of the Ice Peak. Bleak Sky and his ancestors, for about 600 years, had watched over the entrance to the great climb. The Heroes of Ascore, having proved their might and loyalty to goodly folk across Faerûn, wished to ascend the peak—they needed to stop the Zhentarim and their allies from acquiring Freezefire's gem. Bleak Sky at Morning granted them permission.[1]



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