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Blight dragons were wicked, destructive planar dragons native to the Shadowfell.[1]


Blight dragons closely resembled brown dragons, but had rusty red scales rather than brown. Dust always swirled around blight dragons.[1]


These malevolent dragons hated life and light.[1]


Blight dragons naturally leeched away the life force of any living creatures nearby them (incidentally healing themselves in the process), and the dust that swirled around them became a "small" dust storm when they were angered. Like other dragons, they had a fear-inducing aura and a breath weapon, in their case a cone of necrotizing fire.[1]


Blight dragons preferred to fight, or at least begin fighting, while flying, pouring down its breath weapon upon foes and raising a dust storm before diving in to bite. They fled if they thought they were going to be overwhelmed, using a dust storm to cover their retreat.[1]


Blight dragons were native to the wastelands of the Shadowfell, and they spread death and destruction wherever they went. They always turned the land around their lairs into desolate wastes, both for the destruction itself and to give them a good view of any intruders who might steal from their hoards.[1]

Blight dragons fed upon life energy stolen from other creatures, and their very presence could turn common plants into dust and animals into bleached bones.[1]

Notable Blight Dragons[]



The Captive Flame



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