Bliss was a divine magic spell available to priests of Lliira, the Joybringer. It caused one creature to fall into a trance of intense joy, ignoring other beings or dangerous situations and feeling no pain.[1]


This spell could be cast at any creature that could be targeted within 45 ft (14 m) of the caster (more experienced casters could extend this range). The subject had a chance to resist the magic of this spell and, if successful, the spell fizzled and they remained unaffected. If the target failed to resist, they became dazed, dropped items in their hands, strolled around without purpose, and smiled with happiness for the next four minutes. This trance was so intense that the subject felt no pain while in this state, did not react to personal danger, could not be persuaded to perform any task, and could not be mentally influenced by charm spells, hypnosis, or psionics.[1]

As a side effect of being under the influence of this spell, the subject was rendered immune to bliss for the next day or two. Those with stronger constitutions got more hours of immunity than those less sturdy.[1]


Only a somatic component was required to cast this spell.[1]


When specialty priests of Lliira reached sufficient level, they were granted the ability to cast this spell once a day.[1]



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