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Blood elementals were creatures summoned form the life-giving liquid – blood, known to be exceedingly rare outside the Domains of Dread.[3]


Blood elementals took shape that was similar to that of a humanoid made out of flowing crimson blood,[3] and occasionally the shape of a formless blob.[2] Each step they took left puddles of drying blood. Like regular blood, these elementals smelled distinctly of iron and salt. The creatures could form tentacles made of blood used to interact with objects and slam the enemies.[3] Smaller tentacles continually angulated and retracted throughout the rest of the body.[2]


The elementals were a variation of a water elemental, but despite being liquid, blood elementals could not cross open water as it quickly diluted and washed away the monsters' bodies.[3]


Blood elementals were considered to be purposeful and orderly creatures when unchecked from magics that controlled them. Even though their intelligence was lackluster, blood elementals often stalked the creature that summoned them tirelessly while destroying anything on their path.[2]


In combat, blood elementals were single-minded brutes. They slammed the opponents with powerful tentacles of blood. However, physical trauma was not the only danger when dealing with these elementals. Every time a slamming tentacle touched a living creature, it had a chance of drawing blood from the opponents, increasing the size of the elemental. The second attack they unitized was smothering enemies inside their bodies. The elementals could hurl themselves at the opponents, engulfing them and drowning within their blood-formed bodes.[3]


Blood elementals were unnatural creatures summoned from copious amounts of blood and water from the lungs of the drowned. This made blood elemental quite rare.[3] Summing a blood elemental using blood or lung water from an extremely evil and malicious individual had a chance of summoning a dramatically bigger and stronger creature.[2]


In the Year of the Dracorage, 1018 DR, a powerful magical artifact known as the Bloodbone Throne of Uruth that once belonged to an orcish king Uruth Ukrypt, was claimed by black dragon Shammagar, and eventually changed hands and was lost. The throne's magics allowed it to summon blood elementals of various sizes.[4]

Rumors & Legends[]

  • Vistani people of Barovia talked of a blood elemental summoned from the blood of a pack of evil werewolves. The resulting creature was said to be bigger, stronger, and had strange and powerful abilities far beyond a normal elemental.[2]



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