Blood fiends were abominations who fed on the blood of living creatures. Initially created in the Elemental Chaos by the ancient primordial, Haemnathuun,[1][2][3] they were just as prevalent in other planes, wherever there were creatures to provide food for them.[4]


Blood fiends were huge creatures with a purple-black[5] or reddish[4] scaly hide, a lupine muzzle with great fangs, red eyes, and four clawed hands.[5] Each of these hands had five razor-sharp claws extending from them, as did the feet.[4]


Blood fiends preyed on other fiends,[6] as vampires preyed on humans. They also had the same ability to transform other creatures into their kind.[7] In order to assist them in their hunts, blood fiends could use a terror gaze that immobilized their unfortunate victim, making the feast all the easier for the blood fiend. Blood fiends themselves were immune to fear.[4]

Most wounds inflicted on them would heal in a matter of moments.[5]

Notable blood fiendsEdit






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